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No Parking signs were up, but no work was done on the following day!  Why?

Signs are placed using a schedule that is determined from meetings between City staff and the contractors.  Many circumstances present delays or complications to the processes.  Weather, equipment repairs, material delivery delays, vehicles parked in no parking areas, unusually heavy traffic in the work zone are some of the problems that can delay the work.  […]

I had to walk across the newly paved road, should I walk into my home?

NO!  This is not advisable, especially on hot days. Inspect and remove your shoes before walking in your house or getting into your car. The “oil” (asphalt) from the road will take time to cure and can be tracked onto other surfaces for quite some time.  If you get it on your shoes, let it […]

How will I know the construction is completed?

Construction is over when the final application of asphalt material is applied and has cured.  The “No Parking” signs will be removed from your streets and construction vehicles and equipment will be removed from the area.  In some cases, striping of lane features must be applied and this is usually done a week or two […]

What if I have a vehicle in the street that does not run?

Please make arrangements to remove all vehicles in the area removed to prevent damage or delays. Vehicles in areas posted No Parking will unfortunately be towed at the owner’s expense. The need for the pavement operations is obvious but additional hazards you may not have considered are:  vehicle being inadvertently damaged by large construction equipment, […]

What if asphalt primer and/or rocks get onto my driveway or sidewalk?

Control of this loose material in these areas is reduced by use of qualified application companies, proper application and restricted traffic on fresh surfaces. However, occasionally it does happen. We ask that you sweep it back into the street so that street sweepers can clean it up. The asphalt primer may stain surfaces and have a […]

What if I get an asphalt emulsion on my vehicle?

If noticed quickly (2-5 minutes), water will usually rinse it off. If allowed to set, most hand cleaners and some car care products will make removal easier. Newer vehicle paints may require professional removal processes and products be used based upon amount of material on the paint surface. Consultation with auto dealerships or car care specialist is […]

How soon can I drive on the new pavement?

After the hot mix asphalt has been applied and rolled, generally light vehicle traffic can resume in 1-3 hours after application. But please drive slowly to prevent damage to your vehicle or the new road surface. Remember–hotter air temperatures require longer curing times. Light rain (while reducing the pavement temperature) also presents wheel slip conditions. Always practice […]

Resurfacing Operations

Streets to be resurfaced will be posted with “No Parking” signs restricting parking and alerting the public to the commencement of roadwork.  Parked cars prevent necessary access to areas scheduled to be improved. Parking is typically prohibited between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.  “No Parking” signs will be placed along the street […]

What safety measures will be taken with paving?

Kingsport is always concerned with the safety of its citizens and visitors. Please be careful in work zones. The equipment used in road construction is large and loud! Visibility is not always to the standards the public is accustomed. While skilled workers and operators are always cautious, limiting your exposure to safety risks is the most prudent prevention […]