I had to walk across the newly paved road, should I walk into my home?

NO!  This is not advisable, especially on hot days. Inspect and remove your shoes before walking in your house or getting into your car. The “oil” (asphalt) from the road will take time to cure and can be tracked onto other surfaces for quite some time.  If you get it on your shoes, let it dry completely before wearing and then still be cautious.  If you get the asphalt on carpeted surfaces, use car care or household products available for the removal.  If the tracking of asphalt material is extensive, professionals may need to be employed to remove and this is not even successful in severe cases.  Also, pets should be restricted from the surface.  While not lethal, the asphalt can present complications to their paws, fur or digestive system if swallowed. Remember, it is a petroleum-based product and common sense should be used.