What safety measures will be taken with paving?

Kingsport is always concerned with the safety of its citizens and visitors. Please be careful in work zones. The equipment used in road construction is large and loud! Visibility is not always to the standards the public is accustomed. While skilled workers and operators are always cautious, limiting your exposure to safety risks is the most prudent prevention to accidents. Workers are concentrating on their task and are not necessarily aware of vehicles or spectators.

Accidents can be minimized by following a few simple rules:

Avoid the work areas.

Slow down while in work areas.

If you are watching the operation, stay a safe distant back from equipment.

Realize that the workers are concentrating on their work and their own safety, not watching for cars, pedestrians or bicycles.

If you have children or pets – supervise them.  Do NOT let them play loose in the yard. Both are curious and can, and do, put themselves at risk without realizing it.

Be patient.  Most operations are done in less than two days (except reconstruction) and then life is back to normal.